Friday, December 19, 2014

Foot Rest for Shower: Delway Brass Corner Foot Rest

I found this shower rod online today thanks to the help of an Australian designer.  I noticed her gorgeous shower on and spotted something I had not seen before ever.  A corner shower bar.  Installed down low - it looked like it might be a foot rest and when I emailed her a question she later responded with just that.  Here is a look at the shower bar by Delway Brass.  They come in Chrome (shown below), Brass and Antique Brass.

Delway Brass Corner Foot Rest 

I will try and source one of these shower bars locally and look deeper into the weight limits.  I think it is a simple solution to leg shaving for women and I also think if a pair of these installed up much higher they could be well suited to hang on.  This could really open up some new shower activities for an active couple. My most viewed and search blog page discusses shower design for better shower sex.  If you are not offended by nudity or porn then you can view the page here.

The original shower photo where I saw was this one.  What caught my eye first was the linear shower drain from ACO.  Then looking closer I spotted the corner bar.

Brillant SA - Kitchen and Bath Designers
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I love quality work when I see and smart design.  What can you see in this picture that is extra special.  I see lots.

  1. Shower control valves centered on tile.
  2. Niche is one full tile
  3. Niche has mitered corners
  4. Shower head is the center line of wall - not the shower slider arm.
  5. Instead of two tiny sliver cuts for floor one was used
  6. Foot rest installed a little above grout joint 
  7. Shower handheld supply a little below a grout joint
I would guess the designer had this all worked out prior to construction.  A really smart looking shower and another gem of an ACO shower install down under in Australia.

Brillant SA - Kitchen and Bath Designers
Visit their Web Page - Visit on Houzz - Visit on Facebook

I love the towel warmer as well.  What a great bathroom.  I like the tub niche and lighting.  Not sure I like the combo of the medicine cabinet mirror and niche.  I think I would have left that out myself.  outside of the US and Canada one of the top countries viewing my blog is Australia.  If you live in Black Forest your in luck since Brilliant SA Pty Ltd. is based out that city.  They are located at Shop8, 715 South Road. Black Forest SA 5035.

They can be reached at 8297 2122 locally. Their email address is

The Delway Brass Corner Foot rests come in many finishes and in both a round and square design.  I took these two screen shots this morning.  Pricing is from $110 for the chrome up to $143.00 for the Antiguw Brass.  Regular Brass is $110 as well.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Measuring Water for Thin-Set and Grout: Best Way

The best way to measure water for your thin-set or grout is exactly.  To do this you need often small amounts and a typical large bucket is just too rough of a measuring guage.  The best thing I have found for measuring water is these little Paint Measuring Cups.  They have all sorts of numbers and scales to follow and work ideal for the job.

One thing that is a must with any job is a trial run of thin-set.  You need to find the right water mix and when using a bag of thin-set or grout most times mixing a full bag is just silly.  That is almost always way to much.  So pick yourself up lots of these 5-8 and prepare to use them a lot.

One of the homework assignments I ask my clients to do (online clients who donate to this blog) is to mix up a 1/5 bag of thin-set and mix it about 10% heavy in the water content.  To do this they first use these buckets to hold the powder.  Make five even buckets and then look at what the water content says.  Lets say it says 2.5 Liters.  Adding ten percent would make the water amount 2.75 litres.  1/5 of that would be only 550 mL.

When mixing small batches of grout or thin-set it is so important to get this right.  It is easier with measuring buckets like this.  Handy to have and if you get lots of the smaller ones they are great containers for mixing products like Ardex 8+9 as well.

Measuring water exactly for thin-sets and grouts

When mixing thin-sets I have roughly three mixes I like to use.
  1. Water content raised by ten percent for installing things like NobleSeal CIS, NobleSeal TS, Laticrete Hydro Ban Sheet Membrane, DalSeal TS or Kerdi
  2. Water content on the low side of spec'd number for things like setting floor tile
  3. Water content in the middle for installing wall tiles
Each tile is different.  Each substrate is different.  The key is finding a good mix and trial and error is key.  A test board will help you hone your mix.  Small batches will keep every thing the same.  You might find that mixing 1/3 of a bag is perfect for your tile size and speed.  You can then take on container (shown above) and drill a hole just above the water line of what you need.  Then you simply pour water in and the excess water spills out.

When mixing grout I have three rules I follow always
  1. Never grout more than one wall at a time
  2. Used distilled demineralized water for the mix
  3. Measure the water exact.  No plus no minus.
I would be lying if I told you I measure every batch of thin-set every time.  I have measured and continue to measure regularly. Once you have mixed 100 bags of the same thin-set you really get a good idea of how it should feel.  How hard you need to hold the bucket with your feet to keep it from spinning and the like.  If your job is delivering mail, building computer programs, teaching or the like then these memories or prior experiences you can not draw on.

Simple things to keep in mind for example are the mixing paddle, the drill, the size of the bucket, the type of thin-set.  I will try and expand on these points later this month.

Always measure.  Know the mix.  Small batches.  Keep it simple......