Saturday, February 14, 2015

Typical Shower's of the World: South Korea

I found this video this morning searching shower construction in South Korea.  The first video I found shows pretty much the exact same shower design I fell in love with in Greece while travelling with my wife over there years back.

Small rooms where everything gets wet.  The difference between this South Korean shower and the ones we used in Greece is that the shower controls where separate and not part of the sink supply.

Take a moment to watch this video and look for the key design points the user offers up.

To build a shower like this in North America the main hurdles will be Water proofing the toilet connection.  Building the door with a little dam or curb. Grading the floor so the toilet does not rock. Waterproofing the walls and using moisture resistant finishing materials.

A hard working room and really the spark that started my passion for barrier free bathroom construction 15 years ago.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Most Popular Curbless Shower Design Photos on - Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Today I did a quick search on for the thirty most popular shower design photos for Vancouver.  I searched the all time most popular pictures and the criteria was curbless shower design. I found the top thirty list littered with my work and am proud to say 18 of the top 30 photos are mine.  A couple pictures in the list should be exclude since I spotted some mini curbs and some large steps.  

 I would say by my take that 18 of the top 28 pictures come from me.  This is not a surprise since I have been building barrier free showers for much longer than my local peers and have learned how to overcome most of the local job site hurdles.

Here is a list of the most popular curbless shower projects on for right now.

This is just a handful on the dozens of barrier free showers I have designed or help design and build here in Vancouver.  Each project with it's own hurdles to over come and design challenges to conquer.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Kohler 8013-CP (Chrome) 27 Nozzle Round Body Jet un-boxing video

Here is a look at the newest shower fixtures that we need to install.  There will be four in total and they will be stacked in pairs.  Here is the un-boxing video of the Kohler 8013-CP Body Jet.

I have uploaded some photos of the bathroom getting renovated into a folder called "Yale Town Do Over" if your are a friend of mine on Google+ pages you can see these private photos.  The direct link is here.

If you are researching how to install body jets I have a great detailed photo post located at this link that reviews my last body jet installation featuring the body jets from Hudson Reed.  This is a public folder and can be viewed here: Hudson Reed Body Jet Installation

With any great bathroom design the key is planning.  Then picking fixtures that deliver what you are after.  I like to start all my jobs with a lighting plan and a tile layout.  This current job is just past the demolition mode and now I am setting up the fixtures so they look best against the all tile.

The job is showcasing an oversized Italian Tile: You can read more about the tile choice here.

Kohler is not one of my preferred suppliers of bathroom fixtures.  They do design some pretty looking products but I think they are only planned out about 80% of the way.  The little details seem to be missed.  I have installed dozens of Kohler fixtures over the years and would grade the line as a B+. Lets see if these new fixtures change my mind any.

My other project has a Kohler Air Tub and that tub is not winning them any design points in my eyes.

As the build continues I'll add a few more photos here.  All the rest will be available to my Google+ friends at the link above to the Yale Town Do Over album.