Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Scarlett Johansson in the Shower: She looks a little Psycho

What a great photo shoot by Jean-Paul Goude with Scarlett Johansson playing the role of a Physco.  I have not seen the movie but I'm sure the remake will be as scary as the original Alfred Hitchcock original masterpiece.
Scarlett made FHM's top 100 sexiest women list for 2014 and topped out at number ten.  No doubt with help from the film's release and her intense shower scene.

Looks like she was having fun hamming it up for the camera.

The New Psycho Remake

The Classic original

The original shower scene took seven days to film. I wonder if that was because the crew enjoyed filming this scene so much. The new film took a single day news reports say.

Using to design your barrier free bathroom

I just got off the phone with a client in Ottawa who is building a barrier free shower for some good clients of his.  We chatted about how to design the grading.  We chatted about the benefits of NobleSeal CIS and capillary breaks.  We discussed the new floor joists.  

Raised framing concept

And I talked a lot about a low profile curb he should add to simplify the one glass panel wall.  Above in the sketch provided to me prior to our shower design phone call is a sketch.  This will be a barrier free shower but we have a step up.  The entire bathroom being raised for a multitude of reasons we can get into later.

After ten minutes of discussion my client asked me if I had looked at the most current drawing.  I told him yes but in fact I had not since the drawing was online at  I opened up the 2D drawing he linked me too and what I thought was going to be a low curb topped with a fixed glass panel was intact a full wall. 3D view of barrier free bathroom

With this program you create a space online and you can also then model it in 3D.  What a difference.  The wall makes the design easier.  The program I'm told is not hard to use and this builder used it himself of the first time.  When I opened up the link I say this image.  I was able to rotate the picture in all angles seeing the view from any direction!

I charge out my design calls in 20 minute sections.  I wasted a good ten minutes of my clients time because we where talking about two different things.  What a huge improvement this program added to our call.  We are on the same page.

ACO drain is going to be ordered and the builder tomorrow will have a clear vision of what and where to place his walls and capillary breaks.

This measurements can easily be switched from Metric to Imperial - that's a nice touch.

I have asked the builder (my client in Ottawa) to cut a couple holes in the subfloor so we can figure out if the plumbing lines will work.  After that it's off to the races.  I asked this builder to source for me my preferred shower building products.  The final design and scope of work not yet decided until we know what he has access too.

This drawing is very clever.  Very efficient and helps me, the builder and his client all see the same vision.  Making the best most efficient use of all our time.

Love Love Love it.

Here was my first homework assignment for the builder.  Cut a few access holes in the old floor to see what we are up against.  As hoped we will be able to use these holes to set in the new toilet flange and shower drain.

The shower's footprint shown marked with the green tape.